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Branded Photography & Video

Images that represent FLVS are meant to tell stories about our students and customers. Photos and video should feel authentic, relevant, and help differentiate from competitors.

Our images should stand out as thoughtful and creative, with unique and intriguing environments, subject relationships, and learning accessories that reflect the real lives of our students, families, and teachers.

Example Photography


Illustrations are integral to the FLVS brand. They convey a fun and relevant tone, and add visual interest to layouts.

When grouping related illustrations in a single place, such as icons in an infographic or webpage, the style should be consistent and ideally, colored with the FLVS palette. Line and flat illustrations are preferred. Avoid using outdated or irrelevant clip art.






Legal & Disclaimers


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Most text-based documents include a part number after the copyright statement and in the filename denoting production date: YYMMDD. 


Florida Virtual School and FLVS are registered trademarks of Florida Virtual School, a public school district of the State of Florida.


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FLVS, the district and its schools are accredited by AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). SACS CASI is an accrediting division of AdvancED.

FLVS core courses are NCAA approved.


We strive for all of our communications and electronically shared documents to be available and accessible to users of all abilities.

FLVS is committed to developing accessible websites and other electronic information to the Technical Standards and principles set forth in Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act. If you have difficulty accessing any portion of this site or would like additional information on our 508 initiative, please contact us.

Promo Items & Apparel

To ensure consistency across the organization and maintain the integrity of the FLVS brand, it is important to adhere to the guidelines outlined below when submitting requests or orders for promo items, tents, tablecloths, or shirts.

  • NEUTRAL COLORS, such as white, black, and gray or silver should be chosen for most promo items such as flash drives, pens, calculators, wireless speakers, etc.
  • COLORFUL items are acceptable infrequently. Blue items should only be chosen when the color closely matches FLVS brand blue. Please refer to the brand color palette for complete options.
  • LOGO imprints should be displayed in white, black, or PMS 3005 according to the promo item color for one-color printing, and standard full color for process printing.
  • VARIETY in messaging and artwork can have a strong impact. Consider using brief, branded sentences or phrases combined with a URL when possible, rather than just the FLVS logo. More imprint space (such as on a tote bag) is a great opportunity to be creative with more detailed art or information.
  • ORDER YOUR OWN FLVS Apparel and Accessories. For casual and fun options for students, parents, and staff, the FLVS School Store (Zazzle) provides items branded with the FLVS logo, including t-shirts, embroidered polos, tote bags, notebooks, phone covers, mugs, magnets, and more. Logos include Florida Virtual School, FLVS Full Time, and FLVS Full Time “Class of”. For polished and professional apparel for staff, Lands’ End provides embroidered options branded with the FLVS logo, including polos, button down shirts, and sweaters/cardigans. Logos include FLVS, Florida Virtual School, and FLVS Full Time.

Event Display


Tents are generally used in an outdoor setup, and should be white with brand blue or black logo and URL.


Tableclothes should be printed to color-match in brand blue, with a white logo. They should always be clean and wrinkle-free.


Branded banners (hanging or standing) are useful in any instance.


Shirts for professional representation (conference and event attendance) should be white, black, or any shade of gray, with the logo in brand blue or white.

How to Contribute

A picture is worth a thousand words! Photos of staff and families attending events help showcase our unique school community. Here are a few tips when taking photos for social media or internal communications.

Content may be sent to and

student and teacher hugging

Student Events

When attending field trips or meet ups, take a variety of individual and group photos, both vertical and horizontal. Hugs, high fives, and happy conversations make for fun candid photos showing the connections our teachers build with students. Images of club events, performances, and activities are also helpful. Shoot close-ups of unique student projects.

teachers in outdoor booth

Staff Working at Events

Take photos that include a variety of angles, both vertical and horizontal. Shoot close enough to capture facial expressions. Fun and upbeat photo ops are encouraged, such as arms outstretched, thumbs up, waving, or selfies. Try to exclude other tables or booths and keep the focus on FLVS.

student with happy face sign

Crowd & Event Attendees

For broad shots of community events, include FLVS booth as focal point if possible. Capture photos of people participating in activities (coloring pages, selfie sticks and frames). For crowd shots, try to take from a distance so focus is not on any one attendee (for example, guests at table from behind). 

students visiting booth

Visitors to Event

Request permission to share on FLVS social media if focus of photo is a specific student or parent. Current FLVS families can fill out a media release form online. Photos can be taken at an angle so faces aren't clear, or tap phone for shorter depth of focus (close-up images with blurry background).

display of promo items

Display & Tabletop

Shoot creative close-ups of promo items on the table, held in hand, or from a low angle. Photos of signage or empty booths are not typically shared on social media, but can still be helpful to provide.

Questions? Contact FLVS Marketing & Communications Team

Copyright © Florida Virtual School, a public school district of the State of Florida. All rights reserved.

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